All Of Our Available Homes

All Of Our Available Homes

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Our Rental Application

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are there to rent one of your homes?
It's really pretty simple! Somebody, preferably all adults living in the home should be employed! A stable job gives us more confidence that you'll pay your rent on time with no problems. Also, we consider "wear and tear". This means the number of adults, children and animals that will occupy the home or premises. We take all things in consideration and try to lean on the more positive side of fair as we can be. The best determinant and the only way we can evaluate a potential tenant is for you to fill out our application found here on our website.
What do I need to do to secure the home?
We require a security deposit and first month's rent. However, we prorate your first month's rent depending predominately upon the date you move in. Example: If a home rents for $500 and you want to move in on June 15th, then you'll need $750. $500 will be your security deposit and the $250 is for half of the month of June. In some instances, depending upon individuals application and background screening, we may require you to pay additional rental months in advance.
Do you allow pets?
Pets are on a conditional basis decided by Management. Factors we consider are the property address/location, the types and number of how many pets you have. Pets generally require an additional "pet deposit" to ensure against any damages caused by the pets. What we do not allow is dogs chained or tied on in the yard. That is not a pet!
Do y'all buy houses, mobile homes and land?
Yes we do! We buy houses, mobile homes and land all across Orangeburg County and the surrounding areas. If you have a property you're wanting to sell, Click Here to go to our We Buy Houses tab here on our website where you'll find our property information form. Filling this out will give us some details we need in order to evaluate the house, mobile home or land you have for sell.